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SOB Construction

Owner: Sean O’Brien

California License #973486

Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien, Contractor and Triathlete

SOB Construction was founded in Spring 2012. It was started by Sean O’Brien in Palo Alto while he was attending Stanford University. He received his bachelors in Management Sciences and Engineering and Masters of Civil Engineering in 2014 from Stanford University. ¬†Sean worked at Village Ace Hardware in Coronado as a Junior Manager for 6 years. In addition to working at Ace Hardware, he worked part time for Flagg Inc. providing various journey level experience on various projects.

SOB Construction provides custom beach style design and architecture services.

SOB Construction works directly Flagg Coastal Homes covering the Los Angeles County area and in developing new business opportunities.

SOB Construction

Venice, CA, 90291
United States
Sean OBrien of SOB Construction

Sean O’Brien

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