Ironman Arizona 2012

11/17/12 Andrew and I arrived in Phoenix around 3 pm yesterday and had to hustle to check in before the 5pm checkin deadline. After picking up our race packets, we headed out to Scottsdale to check into our hotel. After

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Fall 2012 Projects

This Fall I built 2 projects in school. The first project was for my class on Databases, CS145. This extended project focused on parsing xml files, constraint checking and data integrity and building a web interface for querying and displaying

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Venture Lab on Software Defined Networking

Venture Lab – Software Defined Networking A Conference on the Developments of SDN This afternoon I attended the VLAB event at Stanford Campus. The conference was focused around SDN and included panelists from Juniper, PLUMgrid, Vyatta and Accel Partners. This

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